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Director Graham Collins has specialised in event, touring and travel logistical solutions for the corporate, entertainment and music industries since 1981 and with over 40 years of experience working internationally at every level, he now brings that knowledge to Music Tour Services.

Having previously toured with or worked alongside such legendary names as James Brown, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, George Michael, Alanis Morissette and Oasis (among many others...), Music Tour Services offers the client a multi-level bespoke booking and touring service with representation in both the UK and the United States..

The extensive list of past and present clients at every level of the industry is testament to the commitment provided to solo artists, bands and DJs with a dedicated, personal and quality service.

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Big Big Train

The Journey Continues
16 Date European Tour 2023

Big Big Train

Sailing out of Miami, Florida
Cruise To The Edge 2024

Dim Gray

Sailing out of Oslo, Norway
Prog At Sea 2023

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  • Big Big Train
    Last Eleven

  • Dave Foster Band
    Dive In

  • Dim Gray
    Avalon | The Tide


Nick Shilton
Kingmaker Management

"We simply could not have got Big Big Train back on the road without your extraordinary
expertise, seemingly unlimited stamina and reassuring calmness under pressure.
Thank you Graham for your outstanding work."